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That’s right, pre-order now to help me with production costs, and as a special thank you, you’ll receive a 4-track bonus EP (not available anywhere else) of progressive chiptune arrangements in a variety of styles, created from some of the hottest in video game music soundtracks.


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What's new with American Pixels?


New American Pixels Website Coming Soon


Please note, I will soon be changing this website in anticipation of a Kickstarter campaign, showcasing of new artwork, making-of-videos, and more. If you'd still like to pre-order the album via this website, click here. Otherwise, stay tuned for a Kickstarter where you will be able to choose your level of contribution. Please note, however, that anyone who pre-orders pre-Kickstarter will receive special awards!


As to album news, here's the write-up from my recent newsletter, sent on July 4th, 2015:




American Pixels


The writing is finished! 100% complete!


Let me clarify... yes, the writing aspect of the album is complete. We have 14 tracks, 9 guest soloists, an over an hour of music! But, here's what's not finished quite yet:


• Mastering - I plan to have the tracks professionally mastered, to really bring forth a new level of polish to my work. I'll admit, I'm not great at using reverb, EQ, all that special post stuff. Well, compared to the professionals.


• Artwork - I have two amazing artists working on a whole new fusion of album art styles for this project; I will relate more when able.


• Recording - While many are finished, there are still a couple pieces that need to have the live soloist recorded.


• Behind-the-Scenes videos - they're in the works and I've filmed a lot, but I've been hesitant to reveal them until I have some pre-mastered music to accompany my ramblings on the material; several are almost there, so please stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube page if you haven't already.


• Kickstarter - Yeah... I've never done a Kickstarter campaign before, to be honest, but for this particular project I'll probably need to in order to cover the final costs. I'll certainly keep you posted, and if you've pre-ordered already, don't worry: there will be a round of special gifts to those who have already pre-ordered pre-Kickstarter.




Dragonborn ConcertoSheet Music


A nifty aspect of this album is the fusion of solo classical instruments with heavy electronics. Included in the project are solo performance pieces for:


• Piano
• Classical Guitar
• Flute
• Trombone
• Marimba
• Electric Guitar
• Electric Piano
• Electric Bass


I'm considering releasing the sheet music and stem files for live performance as part of the album package, if there's enough interest. Otherwise it might have to be in there as a stretch goal, but I'd appreciate your feedback either way.


Would you be interested in sheet music?




Consumite Furore


Consumite FuroreHave you heard the main theme from Sierra's Phantamagoria? If not, CLICK HERE! So, yeah, I'd planned on arranging this theme for the album, and, well, I did. But, ultimately, it's a bit too dark to accompany the actual printed album, sorry to say. But, this does present me with an interesting opportunity, and this is - to have you be part of the choir! Yes, as part of the upcoming Kickstarter initiative, I'm aiming to create a reward that actually allows participants to record themselves and be part of the choir for the remix.


And, I'm considering offering that reword to anyone who has pre-ordered pre-Kickstarter.


Interested? Let me know!





*visit the archive for older news updates*


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Tentative American Pixels Tracklist

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Got any better track ideas? Want to make a suggestion? Got for it! No promises, but I'll give 'em listen.






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