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That’s right, pre-order now to help me with production costs, and as a special thank you, you’ll receive a 4-track bonus EP (not available anywhere else) of progressive chiptune arrangements in a variety of styles, created from some of the hottest in video game music soundtracks.


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What is the American Pixels project?


American Pixels is a new video game music remix album being assembled by veteran game music arranger Mazedude. The project will cover game music composed specifically and solely by American composers, and will span all genres while maintaining a general theme of electronic fusion with live instrumentalists. The project is set to be released in 2015, and is now open for pre-orders to aid the artist in covering production costs, licensing fees, etc.


As an added incentive, all those who pre-order will be allowed to download a bonus EP of chiptune remixes! (Please note that the American Pixels album and the Star Spangled Chips EP are two very different releases; one is a fully produced album with live performers, the other is comprised of solely electronic progressive chiptunes.)


This website will catalogue the album's progress and development; read below to stay up to date on all the latest project news, and have fun exploring the rest of the content on the website!




What's new with American Pixels?


Monday 5.11.2015




Yeah... sorry Shantae, but Mighty Switch Force 2 won the contest for which Jake Kaufman track to arrange. I realized I had a bit too many dark-and-minor-key tracks here, and I found that I'd been listening to the upbeat Mighty Switch Force 2 music a bit more frequently, so... yeah... it's done.

And strangely enough, I'd intended to remix it as a lullabye-plus-electronics, yet it evolved into a Radix-meets-Virt-Kwakfest-style piece, so... yep.


In other news, I've hit a wall with my Clive Barker's Jericho track, and I've also assembled a Bioshock 2 "Pairbond" theme just for fun... and, the completed album tracks add up to over an hour... geez, sounds like it might be time to finish this thing. I mean, I'd really hoped to have a Bioshock "Rapture" theme arrangement on here, and I'd still like to try, but if it doesn't flow then I certainly have enough here to fill an album, with the notion to keep the project alive after the fact for everything else that won't fit on a CD. Hmm. I'll give it some thought, but don't be shocked if you see Kickstarter enter the scene shortly so I can raise the necessary for funds for final recording/mastering/printing and all that jazz. :)




Wednesday 12.24.2014




I don't know about you, but it's been a pretty crazy holiday season here. I've barely had time to breathe, let alone write. And yet... solo guitar received from William Reyes of the OneUps. Solo piano received from Dhsu of the Bad Dudes. Solo electric bass received from Matt Vacanti of E.S.P. And, the sheet music is all done for the classical flute Maniac Mansion solo as well. Hopefully with some free time over the holidays I'll be able to get the other missing pieces in place as well. I'll stay in touch; in the meantime, Merry Christmas!




Monday 10.27.2014




Today I mark both of the Maniac Mansion tracks and the Phantasmagoria piece as complete. Still need to some recording for the live parts, etc, but the writing is done. Not that I finished all three today, just finally took a few minutes to update this site. Trying to push through and write write write before I do any more album buzz.

With that said, I still need to finish my Jericho and Bioshock pieces in the works, and for my friend Jake Kaufman... I gotta be honest, I'm not thrilled with what I've come up with for Shantae, so I'm leaning towards tackling Mighty Switch Force 2 instead. So.... we'll see how that goes. :)




Friday 6.06.2014




Clayface battle music by Ron Fish... avant-garde, dark orchestral... no time signature... no key signature... intense and fast last boss music. Finally... finished... the remix. (Breathes heavily.) Damn that was a difficult one to arrange. (Hear the original.)




Wednesday 4.23.2014




So, in February of 2014 I got seriously injured. Totally blew out my knee - tore my ACL, broke my meniscus... a real blow for an athlete like myself. Needed surgery, which I finally had a couple weeks ago. Thankfully it went really smooth, I'm on the mend, but, I need to avoid my athletic hobbies until at least October.


In a weird way, this has helped the album development, as I now have more time to write! I've finished a few more tracks, I've made amazing progress on others, I'm getting sheet music together for my live performers... it's going well. Hoping to keep this momentum going, and I'll keep you posted!




Thursday 11.7.2013




I'm happy to say that I now have a solid start on every single track for the album. 17 of them in total. Getting the idea started is often the hard part; from here on it's just crafting, finishing, and recording. And that feels really, really good.


I've also decided how I'm going to handle the further tracklist, requests, etc. My plan is to release the core 17 tracks as a single-disc CD, which will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. But the project won't end there. Following the CD release, I plan to continue remixing, and release new tracks as free singles, but all towards the grander American Pixels concept. At the left you can see the potential list I have in mind for post-CD tracks - and I've added some new ones as well - but naturally this is still tentative as of now.


For now, gotta get back to writing; will be in touch soon!



Sunday 9.8.2013




Wow... having a baby and going through a career change at the same time have reaaaaally slowed down the album progress, but I'm still getting there. The Sam n' Max remix honoring Jared Emerson-Johnson is done, and more is on the way. I've even booked some vacation time this month that I'm devoting entirely to music. More to report soon.




Tuesday 3.19.2013




The "Song of the Dragonborn" remix is finished, and I freakin' love it... a new personal favorite for me. Now I just need to get the live piano recorded. Oh, and I'm making excellent strides on my Sam and Max track.




Sunday 2.24.2013




Alrighty, so it's been quiet for a while. It's been hard for me to make progress on an album while also running a business, taking care of a newborn (I'm a DAD now!), and catching up on work that's piled up while helping my wife recover from surgery. But, baby and mother are doing great, I'm catching up on work, and I've actually found a way to successfully work music into my hectic schedule. That said, I'm back in the groove on the album, things are coming together smoothly, and - since everyone likes to see these things - here's a chart showing y'all where things are at!



Suicide Mission
Sippin' Juice
Welcome to the Sprawl
Asteroid Dance
Song of the Dragonborn
Clayface Battle
Bernard's Theme
Edison Theme
Metropolis Hero Intro
Scuttle Town
Welcome to Rapture
City Streets
Consumite Furore
Spirit of Bladehenge



And then there are the tracks that are starting to fall into the "maybe" department, dependent on whether or not this flows into a 2-disc deal or not. The above list would make a very full, and very solid single-disc compilation. The other games mentioned at the left - Dante's Inferno, Super Meat Boy, Outlaws, etc... may have to wait until a future project instead. We'll see how long it takes me to finished the above; hopefully not toooo long. :)


Oh, and with the new Skyrim remix added to the mix, we have a new composer page added for Jeremy Soule.




*visit the archive for older news updates*



Tentative American Pixels Tracklist

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