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This website is going to be getting an overhaul very soon, but for the time being, I'm pleased to announce that the long-awaited American Pixels album is now available via the following:



So, yeah, on the to-do list is a re-build of both this site and my Mazedude Music website, which will also be combined with the site. (I'll likely be merging the three.) To stay up-to-date on both album news and the website rebuild, subscribe below. (And if you missed the Kickstarter campaign, click here to check it out.)


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The following will get its own dedicated page on the new website, but for now I do still owe a shout-out to the following for their support of the American Pixels project:


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~ Mazedude

American Pixels Now Available

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Album Tracklist:


The Dragonborn Concerto [The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]

Original Theme by Jeremy Soule

Featuring David "Dhsu" Hsu on Piano

Liquid Tribes [Puzzlejuice]

Original Theme by Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson

Featuring Jennifer Vacanti on Marimba

Aurelia for Trombone [Advent Rising]

Original Theme by Tommy Tallarico

Featuring David White on Trombone

Switch Force Ballad [Mighty Switch Force 2]

Original Theme by Jake Kaufman

Agent Sprawl [Mighty Switch Force 2]

Original Theme by Jason Graves

Featuring Kunal Majmudar on Keys

Purple Streets [Sam and Max Season One]

Original Theme by Jared Emerson-Johnson

Maniac Muzak [Maniac Mansion]

Original Theme by George "The Fat Man: Sanger

Featuring Maho Azuma on Flute

Metropolis for Guitar [DC Universe Online]

Original Theme by Gerard K. Marino

Featuring William Reyes on Classical Guitar

Angelhenge [DC Universe]

Original Theme by Gerard K. Marino

Featuring Waleed "zyko" Hawatky on Electric Guitar

Primal Clayface [Batman: Arkham City]

Original Theme by Ron Fish

Bernard Electric [Maniac Mansion]

Original Theme by Dave Govett

Featuring Matt Vacanti on Electric Bass

Transponder Mission [Mass Effect 2]

Original Theme by Jack Wall

Big Sister Matti [Bioshock 2]

Original Theme by Garry Schyman

Tristram in Flames [Diablo]

Original Theme by Matt Uelmen

Featuring Sean "Ailsean" Stone on Electric Guitar



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